Half a hotdog bun

You know when you are trying your best as a human? When you have a game plan in your mind and you know it’s going to be an uphill battle but it’s early in the day and you’re full of energy and the world is your oyster? That happened to me today. I decided to make paleo waffles. I’ve been wanting to for awhile now. I’m a big follower of The Paleo Mom and she makes these waffles that just seem like a perfect food to implement with my kids and husband for a nutritious and you guessed it, paleo breakfast. So I woke up when I heard my son get up and made my way downstairs where I found the hubs already making GF French toast for the kids. This didn’t deter me as I figured hey, these waffles freeze well so why not make them anyway? Fast nutritious food in the freezer. Baby steps towards turning the family paleo I thought. After I made the recipe my daughter Averie (the one I think can really use some gut healing paleo in her life) was excited to try some. She took a bite, chewed it, and spit it out back onto the plate. Awesome. The hubs though did say he enjoyed the waffle taste he sampled so I guess it wasn’t a total bust. 

Since I like torture, I decided to press on with my “turn the family paleo” day. Approximately one hour later, or so it felt like, Averie wanted sugar. I had a couple boxes of paleo quick-make bakery goods so she and I whipped up a batch of pumpkin muffins. She enjoyed these and ate her heart out. 

Fast forward to dinner… There was a miscommunication on who was cooking because you see we’re staying at my mom’s house so this is one of many “I thought you had this” moments we’ve encountered with multiple families under one roof. The hubs scrambled to the grocery store on his way back from crab fishing (hint: they didn’t catch enough crab for all of us for dinner) and picked up hamburger and sausages and fruit and veggies. 

While I was upstairs resting (AKA having a mini meltdown because just cooking paleo, specifically Autoimmune Protocol Paleo, for myself some days seems like an impossible task but to now try and shift my children into the same type of eating is totally and utterly exhausting) dinner was being cooked downstairs by my fam. Now can I just pause say that I am so very lucky to have family? Especially a family that cooks for me when I am down and out. My hubs is a tremendous support. My angel. I will never stop being thankful for my family. When I came downstairs Averie was eating a chopped up sausage, fries, and grapes. My eyes looked at the table and beside her was a half eaten hotdog bun. She had eaten gluten. Sigh. This may not seem like that big of a deal to most people. Most people eat gluten. But to me removing gluten and dairy from my diet has done wonders. And eventually when I removed grains from my diet I saw a huge increase in my health. Some of the ailments my daughter struggles with like trouble sleeping and up and down emotions are things that I have personally seen diminish immensely after going paleo so that hotdog bun felt like a whole day of offering her everything paleo that I could was just put to waste. Now I realize that maybe our current life situation is going to make paleo-izing my family nearly impossible but I’m not sure I’ve had enough torture yet. I think I’m going to give it a go again tomorrow. And maybe if my hubby reads this entry he might veer clear of gluten from the store for now just to keep his baby momma sane. And just maybe this whole blogging thing might actually be more than just therapeutic.


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