From Your Husband

Hey sweety! Happy birthday!

I want you to try this whole blog thing out. Put it all out there, raw and unfiltered.

We can keep it private to start, but as you get more comfortable with it, I think that the world could use a little bit of Kacie. Why?  Heare are a few reasons:

  • You don’t give any bullshit. You are totally honest and completely transparent.
  • You have compassionate heart that aches at injustice and melts at puppy videos*
  • You are my wildest adventure.  From your spontaneous off the wall humor to watching you find the strength to ward of the mires of anxiety, depression and who-the-fuck-knows what else slows you down, you have made my life anything but boring.  And in fact you inspire me. Bet you didn’t realize that.

Anyway, life is messy. Sometimes you just need to bitch about it. Sometimes you need to laugh about it.  But either way, I think that putting out issues out in the fresh air takes some of the stink off of them.

And in addition to venting and expressing your worries and concerns, let’s put all that midnight Google searching to use and share some of the useful crap we’ve (mostly you) learned in these battles.

To be clear, I put “crazy” in the blog title because I want to normalize it.  I don’t think you are insane.  No more than anybody else on this planet. I embrace the way you are.  And that’s basically it.  We all have some crazy in us, it just takes different shapes in different people just like ears, noses, asses, boobs, hair, voice….you get the idea.

I love you and can’t wait to read what you write.

*Here is an adorable puppy video for you…


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